Escape from the narrow world of reality while imagining realistic worlds of scientific, mythological or visionary influences. My images are mainly a search to perpetuate this primitive emotion: the happiness of drawing, painting, creating...(the rest is on the "bio" page)

I propose here three galleries:

Gallery 1 Distant lands.
Imagination is the engine, science fiction, fantasy, mythology are never very far away.

Galery 2 Mare nostrum.
I chose here to select the images of the abyss's people. Mermaid and merman live in golden palaces at the bottom of the sea with their parents: the Néréide Amphitrite and their father Poseidon. As far as I'm concerned, the need for wonderful is met by reading, cinema or simply nature. Among other sources of inspiration, ancient religions had one advantage: they separated the world from the Gods and mortals who had to behave in a way that did not attract their anger. Too bad that is no longer the case, it might have prevented us from considering the sea as a gigantic garbage can, and the whole world as well.

Galery 3 Homo Biolithos
Gallery 3 Homo Biolithos After water it's metal, these characters were inspired by some transhumanistic ideas. Indeed, before we finish destroying the environment that created us, will we have time to create our successors?
Artificial intelligence, shape-memory metals, nanotechnology … and this is the advent of homo Biolithos.

Have a good trip to my imaginary worlds, and if you like go to the "contact" page.


création date : 23/07/1998
Création and update : Patrick Colombert.
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