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Alastor 234




Self-made portrait
Acrylic on canvas

Peintures fantastiques visionnaires et science-fiction.

Visionnary and fantastic art.

I was born in Paris in 1952
Very young, may be I falled in a pot of paint, I do not remember it, but what else, to explain this certain pleasure when the smells of papers, pencils, paints and even turpentine come to titillate my olfactive receivers, and when immediately virtual images come. To concretize them will be then the logical result …
Influenced by a literary genre easy to identify, by travelling on my planets, I try to share my dreams with you … Then, transport yourself … and let your own imagination made your own journeys, and if the image provokes an emotion, suggests a story, it will be then about your own interpretation.
The fantastico-visionary painting offers to the painter an infinite palette, freed from the reality, without having appeal to the abstraction, he can play with the forms and the colors, the only limit it is own imagination. My work was visible in my workshop of Briançon from 1995 till 2009 and then i prefer to leave the cold for warm parts of France. So, for the moment, the web is the only place you could see my works …
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- Cannes ( 32ème grand prix internationnal de peinture - sculpture )1 ère mention ex aequo , section symboliste 1996
- Briançon - vieux colombier
- Le Coteau ( Roanne )
- Pertuis
- Cassis
- Gap
- Roussilon ( Salon de l'imaginaire )
- Carro ( Martigues )
- Gérardmer ( Sélectionné dans le cadre du Fantastic'Arts )
- Vedène ( Salon Dali, Magrite, et nous autres ...)
- Sanary sur mer
- Embrun
- Grenoble ( Hotel Holiday'inn )
For the book " 100 signatures de peintres dauphinois contemporains "
de M. Marchal - edition L'atelier - Bourg d'Oisan.
- Galerie des Dauphins - Sainte-Maxime (Var)
- Salon International de l'Art Contemporain - Marseille